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The Drive Home III: Day one – bomb cyclone

The Drive Home III team assembled in Dania Beach, Florida. Derek Klein photo.

By William Hall, Drive Home veteran

It’s day one of the Drive Home III, and the annual winter classic-car road rally put on by America’s Automotive Trust and the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is ready for launch. Or is it detonation?

Lest I risk burying the lead on this story, it should be noted””at least for posterity””that we are about to drive these classic cars through the outer vortices of Winter Storm Grayson. That name makes this winter hurricane sound like a civilized English butler, so let’s go with the term The Washington Post prefers: “bomb cyclone.” Continue reading “The Drive Home III: Day one – bomb cyclone”

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A Diary from the Road – Day 1: The Sendoff

By Rock Jenkins, State Farm Insurance, Drive Home II and III driver

Welcome to sunny Fort Lauderdale! Well, not quite, but the Drive Home III crew made the best of windy, rainy and cool weather with two great sendoff events on Day 1. The morning began with a hotel briefing for our expanded crew. Returning from last year: David Madeira, Vice Chair of the America’s Automotive Trust; Bill Hall, auto journalist for Hemmings Motor News and (driving the 1969 Camaro SS); videographer/photographer Derek Klein; and me (driving the 1972 El Camino). Continue reading “A Diary from the Road – Day 1: The Sendoff”

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The Drive Home III: Home, on the road

Four of the seven participating vehicles outside The Creative Workshop in Dania Beach, Florida. Photos by Jason Wenig.

By William Hall, Drive Home veteran

If you’ve been an avid reader of the Hemmings Daily for the past couple years, you know that the New Year brings the promise of this humble correspondent sitting on his hands on a cold vinyl bench seat, peering through a frosted windshield as an ornery old V-8 engine struggles to warm-up in a motel parking lot somewhere in arctic America. Yes, it’s the third iteration of The Drive Home – the mid-winter vintage vehicle road rally by America’s Automotive Trust and the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), to travel the wintry byways of the U.S. en route to the annual auto show in Detroit. Continue reading “The Drive Home III: Home, on the road”

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A Diary from the Road: The Call to Adventure Part Deux

By Rock Jenkins, State Farm Insurance, Drive Home II and III driver

A year has flown by since the final team celebration dinner for the The Drive Home II when America’s Automotive Trust CEO David Madeira turned to me over margaritas and said, “So you’re in for next year, right?” Although somewhat exhausted from 10 days of driving and not sure how I would sell it to my wife, David is a hard guy to say no to, so I chirped, “You bet”¦”

State Farm is a major sponsor of America’s Automotive Trust and LeMay – America’s Car Museum, which is how I earned my driver slot for last year’s trip from Boston to Detroit. Oh, and also the fact that while watching the cars depart at the first Drive Home kickoff in Tacoma in 2016, I told David I wanted to drive in the next one and he called my bluff. Continue reading “A Diary from the Road: The Call to Adventure Part Deux”

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Introducing the vehicles of The Drive Home III: Driving the Future

By Megan Black, AAT Digital and Social Media Coordinator (Some content contributed) 

Get ready to hit the road! Beginning on January 3, The Drive Home III vintage vehicle rally will travel from Boca Raton, FL to Detroit, MI for the opening of the North American International Auto Show in only 10 days. Entering its third year, this annual vintage vehicle winter road rally celebrates America’s motoring legacy throughout the country in the days leading up to the world’s premier international auto show, NAIAS.

Followers of previous years’ drives will recall the original three red vintage vehicles that traversed the snow and ice, first from Tacoma, WA in 2015-16 and then from Boston, MA in 2016-17.  The 1957 Chevy Nomad, 1961 Chrysler 300G and 1966 Ford Mustang are taking a well-deserved break this year, but the new Drive Home fleet is bigger than ever. The convoy has grown to seven vehicles, including a Triumph Thruxton motorcycle provided by Ace Cafe Orlando, one of the stops along the way. A 2018 GMC Terrain support vehicle is the unofficial eighth car, which not only helps tell the story of modern motoring innovation but can also assist the older vehicles if needed.

Now, without further ado, we present The Drive Home III fleet.

Continue reading “Introducing the vehicles of The Drive Home III: Driving the Future”

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Fueling Up for 2018

By Adam Langsbard, CEO – America’s Automotive Trust

You may or may not be aware that approximately one year ago, we established America’s Automotive Trust to champion the vision of securing America’s automotive heritage and promoting the continued enjoyment of the automobile. The Trust manages entities you may be familiar with: LeMay – America’s Car Museum, the RPM Foundation, Club Auto, the Concours Club and, in the future, other like-minded organizations. Each one of these groups undertakes a uniquely important aspect of our collective vision.

Like a well-tuned engine, each entity has a distinctive and significant role but the sum of these parts wouldn’t be complete without you. The AAT family relies on a foundation of donors and supporters to achieve our shared vision of ensuing that America’s automotive legacy is celebrated, and that vintage, collectible and modern vehicles will be driven and enjoyed for generations to come. As we set our sights on growth and extension into the touchpoints of lives and organizations that matter to this cause, we must also grow our foundations to ensure our continued success and impact on the future.

Before 2017 comes to a close, I ask you to help us secure America’s automotive heritage by making a year-end tax-deductible gift. Any amount is thankfully accepted, however gifts of $50 and above will receive an America’s Car Museum one-year membership as a special offer. With benefits too numerous to mention in this post, and unlimited admission, ACM membership puts you on the fast track to enjoy new exhibits, invitations to an increased number of events in 2018 and, of course, amazing vehicles!

Thank you in advance for your generous support and the important role you play in celebrating America’s love affair with the automobile. Together, we are ensuring that the generations which follow after us, will enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

Give Now


Adam Langsbard
CEO – America’s Automotive Trust

Donations $50 and above include ACM Membership. ACM is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Gifts are tax deductible as permitted by law.

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Through the Lens: Counting the Votes

By Scot Keller, Curator of Exhibitry 

A month and a few days ago we launched a new exhibit named Through the Lens – Cars Defined by an American Century. The premise of the display is based on the notion that automobiles are an excellent “lens” to view American history and culture. This idea inspired an exhibit that explores which cars best reflect American history and culture of the time.

Our approach to bringing the idea to life was to create a summary of the decades 1910-2010 and present an automobile that was, arguably, a product that best defined that period. Some choices were simple, like the Willys MB US Army Jeep (41-45) and others, not so easy. Continue reading “Through the Lens: Counting the Votes”

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Happenings at ACM

“˜Tis the season for creating special memories with loved ones”¦and your favorite vintage vehicles! December is a wonderful time to visit ACM and this guide will help you to take advantage of all the Museum has to offer.

Santa at ACM

Skip the mall! If you’re looking for a unique photo with Santa, ACM is the place to be! Did we mention the photo is complimentary with Museum admission? Continue reading “Ho-Ho-Holiday Happenings at ACM”

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Looking Through the Lens with Curator Scot Keller

By Scot Keller, Curator of Exhibitry 

Lewis Carroll’s, Through the Looking-Glass, Alice and What Alice Found There, again lands Alice in a fantasy world, this time by climbing through a mirror into the world seen beyond its reflection. Instead of a fantasy world, America’s Car Museum’s new exhibit, Through the Lens – Cars that Defined an American Century, is a snapshot of something more tangible, the history and culture of America dating back to 1910.

We created the exhibit on the premise that American history and the automobile are inextricably intertwined making cars are the perfect lens to entertain and educate. In this case, the newest exhibit, Through the Lens, focused on a century of American history and culture as told through automobiles and period iconography.

As an example, what car do you believe best reflects the, er, Go-Go 1960’s. Was it the unlikely VW Beetle? Or was it the cultural phenomenon Mustang, or John Z’s GTO? All are different, and all reflect their era.

The mechanism to tell the “Cars that Defined an American Century” story will be a selection of ten vehicles, 1910-2010, set in front of individual decade backdrops with period iconography and copy that positions that period in the context of the culture of the time. A correlation between milestones in technical innovation, design, labor, commerce, mobility, and entertainment, as reflected in specifically featured automobiles, will be made.

While ACM will “make the case” for a single car for each decade, visitors will get a chance to voice their opinion by voting from a list of thirty postwar automobiles. And, at the end, make their thoughts known by listing the car that will define the decade we live in today. What car will define 2010-2020? It’s your chance to decide.

Come visit and join the conversation. It’s going to be very interesting.

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The Spooktacular Tomb For Two

By Reneè Crist, ACM Collection Manager

On display now through Halloween in the ACM Lobby is a spooky vehicle designed by Mike Fobes – The “Tomb for Two”! 


Just as the The Munster Koach was the Munster’s family car, The Dragula was Grandpa Munster’s race car, (both are famed customizer George Barris creations for the 1960’s TV Show “The Munsters”) the “Tomb for Two” is creator Mike Fobes’ interpretation of the Munsters family sports car. A car Mike says that “Herman and Lilly could drive on a moonlit night together, past the corn fields, the crematoriums and the graveyards.”

See the The Munster Coach and The Dragula in action in this clip! 

The Tomb for two is powered by a “Meat-Cleaver 302″, and C4 Transmission. The Custom Coachwork was created from 2 real steel coffins (new, not used”¦yet). True hot-rod styling, the car’s mechanical fuel injection system is straight out of the world of dragsters. The chassis is custom-welded utilizing a Model-T suicide front end(what else?).  A Model-T steering wheel and baffled pipe-organ exhausts further set the tone. You will see the passenger coffin has been autographed by George Barris himself who is the creator of the ACM Flintstones FlintMobile. Throughout “Tomb for Two” you will find spider webs, skulls, and other creepy details. The skull lamp low beams shine through the mouth of the skulls and the high beams shine through the eyes.

The Tomb for Two has been featured in many publications, including  being featured in “Heavy Metal Affliction” X-Box Forza Motorsports Online.

About the builderMike Fobes is a master builder, fabricator, and mechanic. He is a married father of two from Auburn, WA, who holds seven Master credentials from ASE and has earned more than 50 certifications. He is in the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit.

Currently, when he’s not working in his shop he is an instructor at Renton Technical College in Renton, Washington.

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