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A Diary from the Road: The Call to Adventure Part Deux

By Rock Jenkins, State Farm Insurance, Drive Home II and III driver

A year has flown by since the final team celebration dinner for the The Drive Home II when America’s Automotive Trust CEO David Madeira turned to me over margaritas and said, “So you’re in for next year, right?” Although somewhat exhausted from 10 days of driving and not sure how I would sell it to my wife, David is a hard guy to say no to, so I chirped, “You bet”¦”

State Farm is a major sponsor of America’s Automotive Trust and LeMay – America’s Car Museum, which is how I earned my driver slot for last year’s trip from Boston to Detroit. Oh, and also the fact that while watching the cars depart at the first Drive Home kickoff in Tacoma in 2016, I told David I wanted to drive in the next one and he called my bluff. Continue reading “A Diary from the Road: The Call to Adventure Part Deux”

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Introducing the vehicles of The Drive Home III: Driving the Future

By Megan Black, AAT Digital and Social Media Coordinator (Some content contributed) 

Get ready to hit the road! Beginning on January 3, The Drive Home III vintage vehicle rally will travel from Boca Raton, FL to Detroit, MI for the opening of the North American International Auto Show in only 10 days. Entering its third year, this annual vintage vehicle winter road rally celebrates America’s motoring legacy throughout the country in the days leading up to the world’s premier international auto show, NAIAS.

Followers of previous years’ drives will recall the original three red vintage vehicles that traversed the snow and ice, first from Tacoma, WA in 2015-16 and then from Boston, MA in 2016-17.  The 1957 Chevy Nomad, 1961 Chrysler 300G and 1966 Ford Mustang are taking a well-deserved break this year, but the new Drive Home fleet is bigger than ever. The convoy has grown to seven vehicles, including a Triumph Thruxton motorcycle provided by Ace Cafe Orlando, one of the stops along the way. A 2018 GMC Terrain support vehicle is the unofficial eighth car, which not only helps tell the story of modern motoring innovation but can also assist the older vehicles if needed.

Now, without further ado, we present The Drive Home III fleet.

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