I would like to see the event space. How do I set up a site tour?

We are happy to show you the event space of interest. There is no charge for an appointment or planning meeting. To schedule an appointment with our Private Event and Sales Manager, please email [email protected] or call 253.683.3956.  

Will we be able to see the museum during the event?

Yes, we offer full museum access for all events. Each event will have a two-hour window to tour the museum. Our greeters will wristband all your guests and the total guest number will be tallied. After the event, you will be charged for the total number of guests. Some exhibits may be unavailable to view due to multiple event spaces in use.

How does parking work? Do guests have to pay for parking?

We offer both hosted parking and standard parking options. For hosted parking, our greeters will tally all stalls in use from your guests, and the event host will pay $5 per stall post-event. Standard parking allows your guests to individually pay for parking at $8 per stall. We have an abundance of parking available with our bus lane, plaza, and main parking lots.

Will we be responsible for set up and take down?

All contracted caterers and museum event staff are responsible for the setup and takedown of tables and chairs. We will have the room set for you when you arrive after previously planning the space arrangement. We offer 4-hour event windows with up to 9 hours including set up and clean up time. Additional event hours can be requested and billed at $250 per half-hour.

Do we have to use your caterers, or can we use our own?

We have a list of contracted caterers who provide exceptional service and know their way around the museum. These include Carr’s, Table 47, Jonz, Café Pacific, Al Lago Ristorante, Subtle Approach Catering, El Gaucho, and Gallucci’s. If you wish to use a caterer off the list, this must be pre-approved and they must sign an ACM Temporary Vendor Contract before offering services within ACM.

What is your alcohol policy?

You can bring alcohol purchased from any retail store you choose. You can purchase alcohol through our caterers, who have all the required licenses to provide and serve alcohol. If you provide your own alcohol, you will need to present a Washington State Banquet Permit. Additionally, self-provided bartenders will need to provide a server who carries a Mast Bartender permit, possesses a $1,000,000 liability event insurance policy, and be from a credited caterer. Shots are not allowed to be served.

Is there required insurance to have an event?

For all events, we require proof of a $1,000,000 Special Event insurance policy certificate. In case your own insurer can’t help, we will provide a link to a site that makes the process painless.

The Museum is a big space, how will we move items for setting up?

We will provide carts to help with all setup needs. There are several doors throughout the museum to provide easy access to your room or rental space. We will provide a map of how to get to each door. You are welcome to bring items in before the museum opens at 10 am or start setting up after 3 pm on days open to the public. The museum is closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but open to hosting events.

Are there any restrictions on what we can bring for set up or decorations?

Yes, nails, tape, glue, staples, removable hooks, and tacks, are NOT to be used on the building walls, windows, floors, furnishings, or equipment. Bubbles, glitter, and confetti are not to be used. No confetti, glitter, or rice may be thrown or distributed either inside or outside of ACM. No helium is allowed in balloons inside the museum. All food must be commercially prepared if provided by the client.

Will there be on-site staff?

Yes, there will always be a museum event coordinator on site as well as security. We will help with space planning and day of coordination to ensure you have a fabulous event. You will be provided with event staff contact information and they will be available to oversee all venue details.