10-Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years at America’s Car Museum

Thursday, June 2, 2022 was the 10-year anniversary of LeMay – America’s Car Museum. As we celebrate this milestone, we look back at the past 10 years and reminisce on the extensive accomplishments we have accumulated. An unprecedented venue that has housed one-of-a-kind exhibitions, played host to dozens of flagship community events, and created countless memorable stories and experiences that bring out that passion and love we all share for the automobile. We have shared these moments not only with the individuals of our surrounding community in Western Washington, but throughout the nation and internationally as well. Drawing over 1 million tourists and visitors over the past 10 years, America’s Car Museum has become a cultural cornerstone where people of all ages from all walks of life can come together to celebrate the past, present, and future of the automobile.

Though we are celebrating 10 years in the books, we are also taking this time to look forward to the next 10 years at ACM as an entity of America’s Automotive Trust. We have big things in store, not only continuing to celebrate America’s love affair with the automobile, but also looking at building on opportunities we can provide for the next generation as well. We are looking to further grow our education programs at ACM and our partner museum America On Wheels, and with grants and scholarship opportunities for students looking to venture into careers in automobile restoration via the RPM Foundation.

The date of our 10-year anniversary, June 2, is just the beginning of our grandiose plan for celebrating, as we have plenty more in store over the course of the rest of the year. Every car has a story, and everyone has a car story. We plan to keep telling those stories, and we hope you will continue to stop by and share your car stories with us going forward as well.


2022 Wheels & Heels Gala

In honor of the Museum’s 10th anniversary, America’s Automotive Trust is celebrated with its annual Wheels & Heels Gala hosted at right here at America’s Car Museum.

The Gala was the climactic event of our 10-year anniversary celebrations this year, which featured a cocktail reception, followed by a four-course dinner prepared by El Gaucho Tacoma, live auction, entertainment by Raffia and The Good Co Little Big Band, a Montecristo cigar lounge, and, of course, the fireworks to finish off the evening.

It was an event of epic proportions and we look forward to hosting the 11th Annual Gala at ACM next year in 2023.

VIEW GALA EVENT DETAILS HERE                                   

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