Family Zone

The Family Zone is a space where kids of all ages can play and engage with hands-on activities.

  • Take the Road Trip Challenge: The Road Trip Challenge kiosk was created by students from Renton Technical College. A 1998 Ford Mustang was converted to serve as a vehicle for the Road Trip Challenge to teach strategies for wise energy use. On a touchscreen visitors may choose and customize a vehicle, then select fuel to travel to familiar destinations across the country.
  • Learn How Cars Work: A chassis with exposed parts is the perfect opportunity to explore the basic systems of how cars work.
  • Take the Wheel: Visitors of all ages are eager to climb into the cars at ACM; now you can see what it feels like to “drive” one.
  • Built for Speed: Race pinewood cars down a track and experiment with the science of speed.
  • Go for a Road Trip: Share road trip stories across generations. Prepare for new memories as your little ones drive from sea to shining sea across our oversized map of the United States.
  • Share Car Stories: What moves you?
  • Art Station: Design a car for the future and share your experience at the Museum by decorating your own postcard.
Take the Road Trip Challenge in this 1998 Ford Mustang.


 Free with Museum admission.