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ACM’s new hands-on educational Learning Lab, Powering the Future, is the perfect vehicle to drive home one of the most important questions of our time, “How will we power our future?” Powering the Future will immerse students and visitors in the complexities of our transportation choices, show the real world impacts of our energy needs and inspire solutions for a sustainable, energy independent future. This new, interactive learning lab will have lasting impact for our region and nation, helping to equip all ages with basic energy literacy and a better understanding of the scientific and technological thinking transforming our mobility in a fun and engaging environment.

As students and visitors enter the Learning Lab, the following interactive areas will engage them:

  • Powering the Past, where early vehicles ignite discussion of the fuel and technology choices offered in the first automobiles.
  • Fueling Stations providing hands-on exploration of energy sources and technologies while sharing accounts of innovative vehicle and power solutions iterated by scientists, inventors and engineers.
  • Driving Forces that place the need for sustainable solutions into context, highlighting the impacts of our transportation choices on the economy, environment and society.
  • Investigation Stations offering a digital platform for visitors to weigh the potential impacts of their personal vehicle choices.
  • Visitor feedback area that invites collaborative discussion to spark ideas for a sustainable future and to encourage visitors to offer their vote for winning solutions.

LeMay – America’s Car Museum would like to thank our sponsors for helping to bring this learning lab to life:

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