Field Trips

America’s Car Museum is your vehicle for learning!

Choose your road to discovery through inquiry-based tours, hands-on workshops or self-guided exploration.  Our diverse collection of vehicles and interactive activities will encourage students to examine automobiles as engineering feats, historical artifacts and rolling sculptures. Give your students the keys to learning by scheduling your reservation today!


Schools, scouts, youth community organizations and homeschool groups are eligible for school group admission rates and program options. Programs are available for a variety of ages ranging from preschool to college students. A minimum of 10 students is required.

Group visits must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance and are subject to availability. Groups that plan to book a guided tour or workshop are encouraged to view scheduling tips to see sample schedules. Chaperones must also review the Field Trip Guide in advance to ensure that all participants are well prepared for their visit. Educators who are interested in previewing the Museum before a field trip may contact the Education Department for an educator admission coupon.



  • $6 per student for admission
    • Self-guided visit and/or guided tour
  • $9 per student for admission + workshop

CHAPERONES: One chaperone per 10 students will be admitted for free to assist with supervision. Additional chaperones (who exceed 1:10 ratio) and bus drivers (who wish to visit the Museum) will be charged $6 each. Preschool classes are allowed one free chaperone for every 5 students.

SCHOLARSHIPS: To ensure all students have access to meaningful learning experiences, scholarships may be available for discounts on student admission and workshop fees as well as reimbursements for transportation expenses. Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis when scholarship funds are available.


Complimentary parking is available for school buses and vans. However, vehicles that are not categorized as a school bus or van must pay $5 to park in the Museum’s parking lot. Parking fees must be paid separately from group admission fees at the guest services desk in the Lobby.


A location to eat outside food (such as sack lunches) may be requested in advance and is subject to availability. Group reservations are required at the Museum’s Classics by Pacific Grill.

School Programs

Self-Guided Visit

Explore the Museum at your own pace in small groups with an assigned chaperone. Age-appropriate activity guides can be provided upon request. Groups typically need a minimum of 2 hours to view the 300+ vehicles on display.

Guided Tour Options

Encourage critical thinking skills with a thematic tour led by a trained museum educator. Corresponding curriculum guides aligned to national and state standards are available. Tours are conducted in small groups and range from 30-120 minutes depending on student ages.

Stylish Speed Tour

Analyze the evolving design of a vehicle’s exterior body. Learn what makes a car aerodynamic and how automotive style is reflective of its time period.

Powerful Propulsion Tour

Discover how automotive technology has advanced over time to make cars faster, safer, and more fuel efficient. Compare energy sources and hypothesize which fuels may be best to power vehicles in the future.

Car Care and Careers Tour

Learn how ACM properly documents and protects its vintage collection. Discuss various automotive industry careers and tips for employment or education in the field.

Preschool Tour

Encourage curiosity and imagination with a condensed guided tour, Family Zone exploration and story/art activity. Preschool programs are geared to ages 3-5 and allow one free chaperone for every 5 students.

Customized Tour

Work with us to create a program that meets your classroom’s learning objectives and students’ interests. Contact our education department for more details.

Hands-on Workshops

  • Additional $3 per student

Foster creative engineering through an original keepsake to take home. Choose between the following options:

Customized Car

Students will review how car body designs have evolved over time before using their imagination to build a customized car of their own.

Balloon-powered Car

Students will review science concepts related to force and motion before using limited materials to engineer a balloon-powered car.

Pinewood Derby Car

Students will review science concepts related to potential and kinetic energy before assembling and decorating a pinewood derby car that can be tested on the Museum’s full-length track in the Family Zone.

Digitally Designed Car

Students will use iPad applications Trace and/or Sketchbook Express to modify an image of a vehicle in the Museum to reflect their personal style and interests.

Speed Zone Tickets

Access to the Speed Zone is on a first come, first serve basis and payment can be made upon arrival. The following discounts are available for education groups:

  • Pro-class Slot Car Track:  Additional $2 per student ($3 for regular Museum visitors). A slot car track ticket allows for 10 minutes of play and can accommodate up to 4 people at one time.
  • CXC Racing Simulator: Additional $6 per student ($8 for regular Museum visitors). A racing simulator ticket allows for 6 minutes of play and can accommodate up to 3 people at one time. Participants must be at least 4’3’’ tall.


Education Department – | 253.683.3978