ACM All Access Pass

Introducing the ACM All Access Pass!

The All Access Pass is an exciting new promotional membership upgrade that can only be won through ACM raffles and competitions throughout the year.  Winners of the All Access Pass will get the following exclusive benefits:  

  • A limited-edition membership card, with a fresh design that is themed with the current ACM exhibit 
  • Two adult admission tickets to all ACM Signature Events for a twelve-month period, including:

– Cars & Cigars 

– Dia de los Muertos 

– & more! 

  • Automatic registration at all unpaid ACM Members Only events for a twelve-month period 
  • Access to other behind-the-scenes opportunities throughout the year 

These All Access Pass benefits are in addition to all the awesome paid benefits members already receive.  

That sounds awesome! How do I win one?  

To enter an All Access Pass raffle for your chance to win, you’ll need to join, renew, or upgrade your ACM membership during the specified raffle time period. The winner will then be selected at random and contacted via phone or email.  

Additional entry requirements may apply to individual raffles, but you can always contact [email protected] with any questions.   

When is the next All Access Pass raffle?  

The best way to stay in touch about your next opportunity to win an All Access Pass is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for the ACM newsletter! 

What’s the fine print?  

Registration for ticketed Signature Events is not automated and the passholder is responsible for expressing interest in each event they are eligible to attend. To register for your two free admission tickets, contact [email protected] no later than one week in advance of the date of the Signature Event. Early registration is highly encouraged as Signature Events can sell out and if interest is expressed after sell-out, the passholder will not be able to attend.  The Annual Wheels & Heels Gala, an event of America’s Automotive Trust, is not included in this package.  


1. Can I buy an All Access Pass? 

  • All Access Passes are not available for purchase and can only be won through promotional raffles. 

2. Can I give my All Access Pass to someone else? 

  • At this time, All Access Passes and the Signature Event tickets that come with them are not transferable. 

3. Does an All Access Pass have a cash value? 

  • All Access Passes have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for a cash prize. 

4. How often will I have a chance to win an All Access Pass? 

  • All Access Pass raffles will happen throughout the year, but there is no set schedule for these exciting opportunities. The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for the ACM Newsletter so that you are always the first to know!

5. Does having an All Access Pass provide a different experience when I visit the museum? 

  • All Access Pass benefits are limited to those mentioned above. When it comes to visiting the museum, you will have the same membership benefits as your paid membership program (i.e. Individual, Family, Silver, etc).  

Have a question? Get in touch! 

Contact our Membership team at [email protected] with any questions about this program.