TPS Third Grade

Welcome TPS Third Grade Teachers!

We are so excited to have you and your students visit us at the Museum this school year and for your classes to work through the fun activities we’ve prepared through NearPod. Below is an overview of your upcoming visit and some information about the pre- and post-visit lessons.

First, some important things to know before you get started:

  • Please complete the pre-visit lesson to familiarize your students with the concepts we’ll be further exploring during the Museum visit.

Nearpod Link | PowerPoint

  • If you have not done so already, please reach out to us with your updated numbers of students and chaperones attending the field trip.
  • Below is a schedule for the day of your field trip. Please have the bus park in the bus lane at the front of the building when you arrive, and our Education staff will plan to greet you there. After all the students are off the bus, our staff will help you get checked in at the front desk and will escort the group to the Banquet Room where the students will receive stamps and a brief orientation before getting started with the rotations. There will be colored cones (blue, green, and yellow) on the tables in the room so that the students know where to sit based on their group colors. It would be helpful if you assign the students to either the Blue Group, the Green Group, or the Yellow Group before you arrive at the Museum. That way they’ll know which group they are in when they get here. Additionally, the groups of students will be further split into two smaller groups during the guided tour portion of the visit, so it would be helpful if each of the larger groups were easily divided (I’ve seen teachers assign students to Blue #1 and Blue #2 for example).
  • The post-visit lesson is an extension of the work we’ll be exploring at the Museum. This a super fun activity, and we hope your classes enjoy it as much as we do 🙂 Please plan to complete the activity within the two-week period following your visit. We’ll then come to collect the kits from your school office at that point. 

Nearpod Link | PowerPoint

  • We appreciate any and all feedback you and your students can provide. Surveys have been included in both the pre-visit and post-visit NearPods.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You’ll receive an automated email from out ticketing system the week before your visit with final details. Please review that email when you receive it and again, reach out with any questions.

Very best,

The ACM Education Team