• Will this plate be street legal?
    • Yes! Just like the vanity plates for WSU, UW, Seattle Mariners, etc. these blackout plates will be street legal.
  • What do they cost?
    • $40 for the first year and $30 each renewal year.
  • How much money goes to preserving and evolving car culture?
  • Can I keep my existing plate?
    • Most likely. We are in communication with the DOL confirm. There is an additional “vanity plate” fee for customization.
  • What about motorcycle plates?
    • This is on our radar! As the process continues we will look into adding motorcycle plates.
  • Will the letters on the plate be raised (embossed) or flat?
    • Like all other WA specialty plates, they will be flat due to the printing process used.
  • Is there a timeline for this initiative?
    • We will share a tentative timeline soon! Currently we are in the process of gathering signatures. Once we reach the goal of 3,500 sign-ups, we can move to the next step in legislature.
  • What is America’s Automotive Trust?
    • AAT consists of member organizations including LeMay – America’s Car Museum, the RPM Foundation, Club Auto and the Concours Club, we fulfill our purpose to honor the past, celebrate the present, and drive the future of car culture. Learn more at

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