• Where are we?
    • Some Washington Specialty Plates take years to collect 3,500 indications of interest. With your help, we did it in THREE DAYS!
    • Our Throwback License Plate is up for debate on Monday, February 20, in the Washington State Legislature.
      • Your support can help make this dream a reality!
  • What’s next?
    • It takes less than one minute to show your support! There are Senate AND House versions of the bill (SB 5738 & HB 1829) that will establish the Throwback Plate, and it is VITAL that you submit your support through BOTH the House of Representatives AND the Senate.
      • Please click BOTH links to show your support and encourage our legislators in the Transportation Committees to VOTE YES for the Throwback Plate.
    • If you have already shown your support above and would like future updates, click here.


  • Will this plate be street legal?
    • Yes! Just like the vanity plates for WSU, UW, Seattle Mariners, etc. these blackout plates will be street legal.
  • What do they cost?
    • $40 for the first year and $30 each renewal year.
  • How much money goes to preserving and evolving car culture?
    • LeMay – America’s Car Museum receives $28 from each plate!
  • Can I keep my existing plate?
    • Most likely. We are in communication with the DOL confirm. There is an additional “vanity plate” fee for customization.
  • What about motorcycle plates?
    • This is on our radar! As the process continues we will look into adding motorcycle plates.
  • Will the letters on the plate be raised (embossed) or flat?
    • Like all other WA specialty plates, they will be flat due to the printing process used.

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