Ford Model A Restoration Project Donors

Thank you to all the donors and supporters of the Ford Model A Restoration Project! Join the Ford Model A Project Restoration Society and help us complete this restoration by donating now.  Your Gifts help us purchase needed parts and services to complete the project.  Gifts of $50+ include a LeMay – America’s Car Museum Membership!

You can make a dedicated donation in support of the restoration here:  DONATE

The 1930 Ford Model A Restoration Society Members

  • Mike Thoe
  • John Hash
  • Chuck Nordstrom
  • Keith Clark
  • Leah Goodwin
  • Allen Goodwin
  • Don Bader
  • Ken Lee
  • Bob Rezba
  • Bob Horton
  • Lynn Sommers
  • Mike DuBreuil
  • Steve Breiting
  • Norm Brocard
  • Bob Elms
  • Dale Erickson
  • Howard Truchot
  • Carrie Dira
  • Gerald and Keenon Greenfield
  • Ina Armour
  • Snyder’s Antique Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Dr. Mike Martin
  • John Rezba
  • Erika McKee
  • Terry Meiries
  • Melinda Spain
  • Timothy Morgan
  • Ron Day
  • Henry Fortier
  • Steven Elrod
  • Kara Kyro
  • Megan Hanson
  • Ashlynn Sheppard
  • Northwest Powder Coatings,  SeaTac, WA
  • Anne Robertson
  • Laurence Henion
  • Mark and Penny Swanson
  • Steve Howe
  • Megan Holdender
  • Sigmund Hanson

Project Managers: 

Renée Crist, Curator of Collections, LeMay-America’s Car Museum
Mike Thoe and John Hash, Project Restoration Liasons, Galloptin’ Gerties Ford Model A Club