Call for Cars

Predating its inception in 1902 Cadillac was preordained to set new world standards for precision.

The company’s founder, Henry M. Leland, apprenticed under the legendary gunsmith Samuel Colt where he learned the significance of precision engineering, a standard he brought to his fledgling automobile company.

Cadillac’s adopted slogan, “The Standard of the World Award,” dates back to winning the 1908 Dewar Trophy, in its day the “Nobel Prize” of engineering for proving the precision interchangeability of its cars.

ACM’s upcoming exhibit; Cadillac – The Standard of the World will tell the story of the brand’s inception and vaunted reputation for designing and building some of the finest, and most desirable automobiles in the world.


Key areas of focus will include the pre-war Cadillacs that set new standards for innovation and engineering excellence.

The story continues into the post-war period when Cadillac’s established a new level of prestige and design excellence. It was the halcyon era when the words “The Cadillac of…” was an expression of products that were the best in the world.

Added emphasis will proudly highlight the brand’s second century with its reemergence as a global design and technology leader.

The Cadillac – Standard of the World exhibit will open on Saturday, May 11.

To have your Cadillac considered for display, please send your name, contact information, vehicle bio, and current vehicle photographs to by April 15, 2019.

Direct questions to Scot Keller, Curator of Exhibitry, 253-779-8490.

Photo Credit: Cadillac PRESSROOM