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Day 2 Update on The Drive Home from ACM CEO David Madeira

IMG_0995All we have arrived safely without incident in Boise. It’s been cold high teens and twenties but no storms and periods of sunshine.

The cars drove well without incident. Drivers did a great job on some icy mountain roads. Once again the Michelins were superb. We have been able to find Shell products all along the way and have been delighted to find their non ethanol gas so perfect in vintage cars! We have only used two quarts of oil in the three cars combined speaking volumes to me about how good these oils are. Some oils burn quickly not these!

The journalists and video team are also doing a great job. Bill Hall is posting a story each day on Hemmings. Check the ACM website for photos and stories and links.

See the shots from my phone as I rolled along in the Mustang. Enjoy!