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A Diary From The Road: Long Road To Indy

Our Drive Home II crew was up early again this morning for a 360-mile drive from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis. No events today, but a good photo opp for Derek at Heinz Field (Steelers Country!) and several gas stops along the way at Shell stations to fuel up and surprise fellow fuelers with $10 gas cards from our Shell Corp. sponsor.

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA
Valerie treating a young fan to a seat in the cockpit of the Nomad during a Shell fuel stop

Heading through West Virginia and into Ohio we stopped for lunch at Schlepp’s Family Diner in Belmont where Bill had a meatloaf sandwich the size of his head and Ashley’s club sandwich probably wouldn’t have fit into the Chrysler’s trunk.

Ashley and Bill at the highly recommended Schlepp’s Family Diner in Belmont, OH.

It was about then that Dale noticed a bar on the trailer hitch had lost a part and was unsecured. Dale cornered a local fella named Ron Moore who was coming out of the restaurant and inquired if Ron knew of a nearby repair shop where we might get a large bolt to fix the hitch. With full Midwestern hospitality, Ron said, “Yes, I’ll drive down to the Ford dealership and pick one up for you.” What a gracious offer and we accepted it with appreciation.

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