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Meet the MicroStang – Newest Addition to the ACM Collection

The “MicroStang” is here to stay at ACM!

Now officially a part of ACM’s permanent collection, this 2012 Mustang is retrofitted with Dynacom’s 1967 fastback replica body retrotted onto 2012 Ford Mustang GT chassis complete with its 5 liter, 412 HP, Ford V8 engine and automatic transmission.

West Coast Customs, which you may recognize from the popular 2000’s show “Pimp My Ride,” dubbed this car the “MicroStang” when they helped create it with Microsoft. The purpose behind the design, also called “Project Detroit” was to showcase new Windows-based technologies of the time and to envision the possibilities surrounding vehicle technologies of the future.

Many of the technologies the MicroStang was outfitted with had never been used before in automotive applications. These innovations included built-in Wi-Fi, augmented reality displays in the windshield, Kinect sensors and a Windows 8-powered touchscreen digital instrument cluster (which had debuted at the same time as the MicroStang itself).

In the spirit of your typical “Pimp My Ride” episode, Ford Sync, an Xbox 360 and a rear windshield projector screen were also added. Connection to a Windows Phone allows you to locate, unlock, start the car and even talk into the phone to broadcast your voice to the outside of the car.

See the MicroStang at ACM in the level one collection gallery and check out the West Coast Customs episode on designing the MicroStang below.