Throwback Washington State License Plate


LeMay – America’s Car Museum needs your help! Our Throwback License Plate is up for debate on Monday, February 20, in the Washington State Legislature, and your support can help make this dream a reality.

It takes less than one minute to show your support! There are Senate AND House versions of the bill (SB 5738 & HB 1829) that will establish the Throwback Plate.

Please click BOTH links to show your support and encourage our legislators in the Transportation Committees to VOTE YES for the Throwback Plate. It is VITAL that you submit your support through BOTH the House of Representatives AND the Senate.

SUPPORT HOUSE BILL                                        SUPPORT SENATE BILL

The Throwback Plate is a stylish way to support America’s Car Museum and car culture. Proceeds from Throwback Plate purchases will support the Museum’s commitment to:

  • Inspire a new generation of skilled trade workers, engineers, designers, artists, and enthusiasts
  • Open doors to students learning through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math)
  • Promote the role of automobiles in our culture and economy


If approved, the Throwback Plate will cost $40 above the price of a standard plate ($30 for renewals), and the Museum will receive $28/year.


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