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A Diary from the Road: “Giddy” is the word of the day

The gang at the No Name Restaurant

“Giddy” is the word of the day. It’s the feeling you get when you slide behind the giant wheel of a 50s classic made the year you were born and lock your fingers around the shifter’s silver machined Hurst T-handle. Giddy.

More about that T-handle later, but what a great start to the adventure last night. Met up with The Heritage Run Gang — David Madeira, Ashley Bice, Valerie O’Shea, Bill Hall, Dale Wickell and Derek Klein– in the lobby of the Boston Long Warf Marriott and donned our new America’s Car Museum stadium jackets, courtesy of State Farm (Thanks Tamara and Ed!).

Then it was into the parking garage for the drive to the No Name Restaurant down by the water. As a newbie to the team, I was immediately tested with driving the 57 Chevy Nomad that sports a 327, 4-speed and what felt like a fairly high gear ratio that challenged my long forgotten clutching skills. Besides not being able to find reverse (“Push down and to the left,” chirps Valerie!) I managed, and I have to say the drive was a rush like I haven’t felt since the 70’s.

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