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A Diary From The Road: Patience, Perseverance and Leadership

Dec. 29 was a study of patience, perseverance and team leadership for the Drive Home II road crew. We started early, rolling out of mid-town Manhattan at 5:45 a.m. and crossing over to Brooklyn for a TV segment with the local Fox station at Grand Army Plaza. Dale led the process of unloading the 1917 Crane-Simplex from the trailer near the massive Plaza arch, and David handled the short TV interviews over the next couple of hours at designated time slots.

In between, we chatted with the TV crew and local police as the rain held off, daybreak came and the city began to wake up. Things were fairly relaxed except for the FDNY fire truck that came screaming down Flatbush Avenue before taking a hard left to careen directly through the middle of the Plaza and within several feet of us and the cars.

That was the first adrenalin rush of the day.

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