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The Drive Home II, Day 3: Nighthawks

By William Hall. Photos by the author.

If you insist on driving your classic car in Manhattan, there is no better time than 4 a.m. The streets are quiet. Most of the night’s revelers have returned home, and the folks that keep the city’s big machine humming along dutifully go about their business. It’s one of the world’s most densely populated areas, but at four in the morning it is the vacuum of activity that is striking. Navigating the island’s wide, neon-lit avenues is one of the most unique driving experiences in the world.

An early-morning media appointment with a local television news affiliate afforded the The Drive Home team that opportunity. We drove our three red classic cars over to Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza on Flatbush Avenue where we unloaded the Crane-Simplex for photos and interviews. The early start on little sleep made for what would become a very long day.

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