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The Drive Home III: Home, on the road

Four of the seven participating vehicles outside The Creative Workshop in Dania Beach, Florida. Photos by Jason Wenig.

By William Hall, Drive Home veteran

If you’ve been an avid reader of the Hemmings Daily for the past couple years, you know that the New Year brings the promise of this humble correspondent sitting on his hands on a cold vinyl bench seat, peering through a frosted windshield as an ornery old V-8 engine struggles to warm-up in a motel parking lot somewhere in arctic America. Yes, it’s the third iteration of The Drive Home – the mid-winter vintage vehicle road rally by America’s Automotive Trust and the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), to travel the wintry byways of the U.S. en route to the annual auto show in Detroit.

What started out as a simple act of defiance against Old Man Winter two years ago has taken on the feel of a movement to celebrate our freedom of mobility. The “˜why’ and the “˜when’ of it all has been thoroughly litigated by the collector car community, with the consensus coming down somewhere around Hey, life it short. More power to them.

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