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A Diary From The Road – Day 5: Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive El Caminos

By Rock Jenkins, State Farm, The Drive Home II and III Driver

It was an exciting day of driving as Bill reluctantly relinquished the Camaro keys to me for our cruise through the rural backroads of Alabama and Georgia on our 300-mile trip to Greenville, SC. The Hugger Orange Camaro SS is enough to make a hot rodder’s mouth water. It slid through the forested Southern woods on Highway 78 with the hood louvers glistening in the sun, while the cammed-up 350 with headers growled along, snarling occasionally at pedestrians as I down-shifted the four-speed through small town intersections.

David followed behind on the Triumph Thruxton Ace, enjoying the hills and curves and when we stopped for a quick Wendy’s lunch we all agreed this was the most pleasant drive so far.

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